Examkrackers Home Study Schedule

The Examkrackers books contain hundreds of sample problems, but truly serious students will want to get as much practice as they can, including taking full-length, timed exams. The best way to do this is to join one of our live classroom courses. However, if you are unable to do so, we have devised three different home study regimens specifically tailored to a variety of schedules and intensity levels.

Each of these schedules relies on the three Examkrackers textbooks, available as the Complete LSAT Study Package. In addition, you will need to purchase past official LSATs from LSAC.

The Quick Prep schedule is designed for students with limited time or for those who have some familiarity with the test and just want a crash refresher course. The schedule takes four weeks and includes 3 diagnostic tests and 800 homework questions.

The Full Prep schedule is designed for the majority of students. It mimics our classroom course in time and intensity and is designed to take you from having no knowledge of the test to being fully prepared. The schedule takes 8 weeks and includes 5 diagnostic tests and 1,800 homework questions.

The Super Prep schedule is designed for those who want the ultimate in preparation. Perhaps you have a particularly hard time with standardized tests, or you want to achieve the best possible score improvement. The schedule takes 12 weeks and includes 7 diagnostic tests and 2,900 homework questions.

To grade any of your five (5) LSAT practice exams, please Click Here.